The NFC board made for the Internet of Things
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Supports all NFC modes

  • Tag reading/writing
  • Peer to Peer (SNEP/Android Beam)
  • Tag emulation

Onboard microcontroller

The MicroNFCBoard includes an ARM Cortex M0 (NXP LPC11U34FHN33/421) microcontroller that can be reprogrammed using the mbed platform. The board has plenty of peripherals including SPI, I2C, ADC, DAC, USB, UART, GPIOs and 2 LEDs and 2 buttons onboard.

Peripheral APIs

The board can also be controlled as a peripheral through USB and SPI and some peripherals APIs are provided, including Python, Arduino and mbed.


MicroNFCBoard's various APIs.


MicroNFCBoard can be ordered from the following distributors: